Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Silk skirts

Hi friends these are my second project in skirt.Both  are my babies diwali dresses.I have stitched these two silk skirts by seeing an old skirt.Now I am very glad to inform you that my stitching skill is improved.After finishing these projects I could get lot of confidence in my sewing.
These silk cloths are purchased from POTHYS in NAVARATHNA COLLECTION.These are very beautiful.While sewing this I thought my babies will more cute in these dresses when they wear them.Actuallt i take minimum 2 hours for purchasing silk skirt and silk saree.But these dresses are purchased within half an hour.I like them very much.
This is my younger daughter's diwali dress.She has completed her first year just now.

This photograph is shaked slightly.But pleats are visible in this skirt.For that only i have post it...................................................

closer view of its border portion is..................

This is my elder daughter's diwali dress.It is her choice.

In light it shines like this.................................

My next project is silk top for these skirts.It is on going.My next post will be that.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

kurti 2

Hai this is my second project in kurti.I have stitched it last week.But now only i have got a chance of posting it.In the top I have done fabric painting which is already posted by me.Its bottom is also a gathering pant.I already posted it.

In this picture she wear both of them.......................................

First i stitched it with a  small neck which is narrow .So it is very difficult to insert her head.After alteration in the neck part now it is free.closer view of the neck part is..................................

She asked me a small shawl to wear along with the i made a shawl for her.She Likes to wear shawl like this....................

But for me also she wear shawl like this.But she likes previous type.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

First Skirt And Top

Hi this skirt and top are my new projects. I stitched these things by seeing one old skirt and top those are already in usage. I think it is not easy for a beginner.Because I have spent lot of time for stitching. Sometimes over thinking causes severe head ache.
Actually this skirt is a pleated skirt.  Length of the material required is 3 times that of the waist measurement.Prints in the skirt are screen printings already done by me. This is a cotton material. So pleats are easily visible. Comparing with synthetic material cotton material is suitable for pleated skirt. It contains side opening. Zip is another choice. But First time I have stitched this skirt as a trial. So I don’t take risk with zip in my trial skirt. Because I have less days for diwali. With this experience only I will stitch diwali dresses for me and my babies.
First time I attached one elastic in waist. That did not come well. So I remove that and then attach this waist band. The one I have learnt from this is elastic is not suitable for pleated skirt.

Hi this top is also my first one as a trial. Plain top is not giving good look. So I have done one appliqué work in it. This embroidery is my first machine embroidery. This is a zigzag stitch. In my first trial this embroidery did not come out neatly. Next time I will try it better than this.

Closer view of the appliqué work is……………

Closer view of the skirt is……………

Closer view of the top is……………

After wearing both of them it will look like this………………….

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TAST 2010-Raised Close Herringbone Stitch and Lock stitch

Hi this is my first post under  the category TAST 2010.I tried  this  embroidery. I like this very much.

This is the combination of both Raised Close Herringbone Stitch and Lock stitch 


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Macrame bag 3

Hi this macrame bag is my latest work. Because of my little baby I always carry a water bottle along with me while travelling. So I need a bag which is suitable to carry that bottle. Already I did lot of macrame works. One day there is a thought flashed in my mind, why don’t we make that bag in macrame? So I started this project.
Its height is 24 inches including its straps. Length of Each strap is 12 inches. I totally take 24 cords of 60 inches each (for body) and 8 cords of 100 inches for straps. These measurements are my own.Always double color is more beautiful  than the single color .Here I have used larks head knots for cord mounting , square knots for straps and alternating square knots for rest of the work.

Its closer view is......................

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fabric painting in Kurti,Frock

Hi this fabric painting is done in my babies kurti and frock.The kurti is a pair for the pant which is my previous post.

Painted Kurti is here.

Here I explained its procedure in detail. Hope u will enjoy it.
Materials required:
1. Any cloth without starch, wrinkles or creases
2. Fabric acrylic color
3. Brushes
                1. Flat brush
                2. Round brush (0 series)
4. Carbon sheet(Yellow or white)
5. Design sheet
6. Pin
7. Ballpoint pen
1. Choose a design which is suitable for fabric painting and choose suitable colors for the design.
2. Then place a carbon sheet under the design sheet and place both of them on a cloth wherever you want. Here carbon sheet should be faced towards the cloth.
3. Then pin both of the sheets with the cloth.
4. Then trace the design using a pen.
5. Before painting we should apply the paint in one corner of the cloth or in a small bit. Then only we can know the quantity of water that should be added. Color should not be too watery.
Next we have to start painting.
5. If the cloth is white in color no base color is needed. Otherwise apply white color in the whole design as a base.
6. Take little paint in the flat brush and then apply in the required area. Strokes must be given in even and apply light color in first and then dark color. Let it to dry
7. After that give outline using round brush. Contrast color outline enhance its beauty.
8. Let it to dry for 2 hrs.Then iron it after 24 hrs in its wrong side and wash it after 3 days.

Gathering Pant

Hi this pant is made for my elder daughter.I stitched it in the remaining cloth of my salwar.I attached elastic in the waistband.I don't know how to stitch this type of pant.I only know the salwar.I stitched it with my guessing.But i feel very happy since it come out very well.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Art out of waste - Doll making

Now my daughter is enjoying her holidays after 1 st term examination.We want to enjoy it in an useful manner.So i taught her this craft.While doing this craft she felt very happy.Here i 've posted it in detail.

Materials needed:
  1. Waste chart paper
  2. water color
  3. gum
  4. scissors
  5. egg shell
  6. mirrors,kundhans,glitters


Draw one big circle and one smallcircle in the chart for making body and hands.


Cut them using scissors.Now we have 2 pieces.


Take big piece and fold it in half.


Cut it in the crease.Now we get 2 semicircles.Do the same for  small piece also.


Take one big semicircle and two small semicircles.That only need for making one doll.Now take big piece and hold it in the direction as in this picture


Roll it as a cone.


Stick its ends using glue.Now we have one cone.Similarly do the same for the next 2 small pieces.Totally we have 3 cones.


Then paint them using water color.we can give contrast colors for body and hands.


Decorate them using glitters.


Apply glue and stick both of the hands and let it to dry.


Paint the shell and let it to dry.

( After applying paint we leave the shell to dry.In that time my younger baby crush that shell and the doll first we made.So i complete this tutorial by another doll already i have made.Here i have used canvas cloth )

Make holes in the top and bottom of the egg then insert a paper roll in it.

Then do details in it.Make another small cone and use it as a hat.


Then attach it in the body by inserting the paper roll in the hole of the body.
Now ur doll is ready.We can decorate it using mirrors,kundhans,glitters etc.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

crystal chain

Hai this is my new project under jewellary making.I made it for my baby.I used nylon thread instead of gyre wire.This one is comfortable for littleones.Golden beads ,chakris are used to give an original look.I mde it using single stones.

Monday, October 4, 2010

pot painting 4

Hai this pot is painted by fabric acrylic colors.I also used cellotap for giving shapes in equal distances.Mirrors and kundans are used to embalish it.

Friday, October 1, 2010

stocking flower-lotus

This is my second stocking flower.Now i made our national flower, lotus.

I think making leaves is a little challenge for me..

closer view of the flower is here.