Monday, February 21, 2011


Hi this is my new craft work, box for keeping threads. 

If we arrange these threads in the following way we can find out the required  thread without opening that box. All things used here are waste things only.
1. Sweet box
2. Pins
3. Thermocole sheet
4. Glass sheet


clean the sweet box. Since we have to use this box for storing threads, wipe out oil from this box.

2.Cut thermocole sheet into a required size piece and stick it in the box as in the picture and Next fix all those pins in a required interval for keeping threads in between them. Then leave some space around the upper portion and cut its inner portion using a sharp knife and remove it.

3.Next stick a glass sheet over the portion which we already removed. We should stick it in the wrong side of the upper portion.

4.Now it looks like this…………

5.Then arrange our threads as our wish. 

Our thread box is ready to use.

I use these boxes for keeping red family and green family threads separately.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hi I stitched this dress last week itself.This dress is for my younger daughter.Here i did both embroidery and printing.This dress is made from the left over fabric after stitching one skirt and top.

The following picture is the yoke portion of the frock.Embroidery work embellishes its appearance.

This is its umbrella type skirt portion.Here i tried embossed printing.But it didn't come out well.I will try better in next time.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Macrame plant hanger

Hi friends  i posted here is a beautiful macrame plant hanger.

I love macrame work very much.So i tried lot of macrame projects.Among these this is somewhat i used one knot  different  from other knots in my earlier projects.I don't know the exact name of that knot.But i know it is a variation of the square knot.It gives butterfly effect.It adds more beauty for this hanger.