Saturday, October 15, 2011


Hi friends i finished this dress 1 week before.But now only i have got time to post it.This is
the most beautiful masterpiece among all my creations in the sewing category.Actually this fabric is a left over material after stitching one KAMEEZ for me.I am not a skilled person;Just beginner
only.But i could feel that my sewing skill is improving day by day.I am very happy about it.
 this one is a very cute Kameez with parallel pant.

This is the kurti.Here the machine embroidery gives a rich look.I like it very much.Contrast color pipping adds more beauty for this.

Zipper is attached here.I am more comfortable with this.
This is a salwar.Actually it is a parallel pant.Here i attached one contrast colour border in its
bottom.I think Pant with border is more beautiful than the plain pant.

In truth my daughter is more interested in wearing this.She likes it very much.She is so crasy about it.Here are Some of her snaps .These snaps are taken when day meets night.So they are not much clear..

 Thank you all of you friends for dropping your lovely comments on my blog which showed me a great enthusiasm  to do more best.Thanks a lot.