Saturday, August 28, 2010

Coffee painting

Hai this fragrant wallhanging  is a coffee painting.Here i used only coffee mixture for giving different shadings.Its base is a canvas cloth.Because of my little carelessness i  used the brush with dark coffee mixture while applying paint in face.I try a lot,but i cann't give its original skin color.Kundhans r  used for decoration.

glass painting

 In this painting i used metalic outliner for giving outlines.I want to give a different background for this painting.So I spread the color which is used in background by dabbing method.Here i didnot use any sponge only my index fingure.

madhubani painting

Hai this is my next tribal art madhubani art.Here i've used glass colors and fabric colors.

warli painting

This is my new tribal art called as warli painting.Its base is a plywood.I've used fabric acrylic colors for background and for decoration stick mirrors.

Fabric painting-warli

Hai these r my trial work in fabric painting.Here i 've used warli figures as designs.It is done in my baby's skirt.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Macrame plant hanger

Hai this is my new plant hanger using macrame cord.Here i made this from the excess cord in making macrame bag.I think It is a easy project comparing with other crafts.

Its upper part is here.

Its middle portion is the following.

Its bottom is here.

Friday, August 20, 2010

zardosi wallhanging

Actually zardosi is a type of embroidery famous from mughal period. Zardosi means gold embroidery. This is a wallhanging made by Zari, a metal thread which gives a royalty in our fabric, velvet cloth and 3d-glitters only and this art is called as a zardosi art.  This is available in different colors in market. I used only golden zari for giving outlines.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

crepe & duplex flowers

These artificial flowers are made in crepe and duplex papers.I'm sorry to say that My 10 month baby crush all these flowers.So i try all these flowers one more time again.