Saturday, October 15, 2011


Hi friends i finished this dress 1 week before.But now only i have got time to post it.This is
the most beautiful masterpiece among all my creations in the sewing category.Actually this fabric is a left over material after stitching one KAMEEZ for me.I am not a skilled person;Just beginner
only.But i could feel that my sewing skill is improving day by day.I am very happy about it.
 this one is a very cute Kameez with parallel pant.

This is the kurti.Here the machine embroidery gives a rich look.I like it very much.Contrast color pipping adds more beauty for this.

Zipper is attached here.I am more comfortable with this.
This is a salwar.Actually it is a parallel pant.Here i attached one contrast colour border in its
bottom.I think Pant with border is more beautiful than the plain pant.

In truth my daughter is more interested in wearing this.She likes it very much.She is so crasy about it.Here are Some of her snaps .These snaps are taken when day meets night.So they are not much clear..

 Thank you all of you friends for dropping your lovely comments on my blog which showed me a great enthusiasm  to do more best.Thanks a lot.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Hi friends i come back here after a l........o..........n..........g  break.Here i have posted two crochet bags which are made for my little two cutes.Choice of colors is more important here.I am so satisfied with this.I attached zipper inside of it.Here i have used only double crochet and chain stitches.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hi friends this week i have made two dresses from the remaining cloth after stitching  my salwar.The first one is a frock cum kurti.second one is a frock having layers.This is also my first project using lace work.

After stitching one kurti some fabrics stripes were left over.I did not want to waste them.Using those stripes i made this frock for my younger cute.

In its yoke portion i stitch some ready made motives to add more beauty.

The dress has one shoulder.Lace work done here.

Its skirt portion is......................

 My little cute in this dress....................Its so difficult to capture her in camera.

Its back view is.............I attached zipper in its back side.

My next post will be a kurti cum frock for my elder cute using the same material.

So keep watching..........

Expecting your lovely comments..................

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hi this is my new sewing project ,FROCK.I have chosen two contrast color fabrics,maroon and golden yellow. This frock is made from the left over material.

Its yoke portion is.............. Contrast color piping adds more beauty for this.

For embellishment stones are added.Also simple and traditional pattern is chosen for embroidery . long and short stitches are used here as filling stitches

Its skirt portion is....................contrast color stones are stitched to give a rich look.

Also two straps are attached here. stone work enhance its beauty.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Hai friends i come back here after a long long........interval.Here i posted one skirt and top for my two little kids.Here i did not do any works like embroidery.

This is the skirt.I made it as a circular pattern.

This is the top.Here i tried butterfly sleeve.

My first kid in this dress...........

I stitched the same one for my little kid also.She is here.............

Both of them are in these dresses..................

Monday, February 21, 2011


Hi this is my new craft work, box for keeping threads. 

If we arrange these threads in the following way we can find out the required  thread without opening that box. All things used here are waste things only.
1. Sweet box
2. Pins
3. Thermocole sheet
4. Glass sheet


clean the sweet box. Since we have to use this box for storing threads, wipe out oil from this box.

2.Cut thermocole sheet into a required size piece and stick it in the box as in the picture and Next fix all those pins in a required interval for keeping threads in between them. Then leave some space around the upper portion and cut its inner portion using a sharp knife and remove it.

3.Next stick a glass sheet over the portion which we already removed. We should stick it in the wrong side of the upper portion.

4.Now it looks like this…………

5.Then arrange our threads as our wish. 

Our thread box is ready to use.

I use these boxes for keeping red family and green family threads separately.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hi I stitched this dress last week itself.This dress is for my younger daughter.Here i did both embroidery and printing.This dress is made from the left over fabric after stitching one skirt and top.

The following picture is the yoke portion of the frock.Embroidery work embellishes its appearance.

This is its umbrella type skirt portion.Here i tried embossed printing.But it didn't come out well.I will try better in next time.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Macrame plant hanger

Hi friends  i posted here is a beautiful macrame plant hanger.

I love macrame work very much.So i tried lot of macrame projects.Among these this is somewhat i used one knot  different  from other knots in my earlier projects.I don't know the exact name of that knot.But i know it is a variation of the square knot.It gives butterfly effect.It adds more beauty for this hanger.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Hi this is my younger daughter's pongal dress.You  have already seen this dress in my previous post.

The one I love most here is its neck portion.I am sure that this will be attract everyone seeing this .

The following picture is its yoke portion .I did a simple patch work here.In pongal time i have no idea to do any work here. But I know something is missing there.After that I did a simple mirror work in its centre  .Now its o.k.......

I attach zip in its back side.................Flap is used here to hid that zip.
We can knot it at the back side of this dress.This is used for the exact fitting .

Monday, January 17, 2011


Thai Pongal is a harvest festival of Tamil people in India. Usually it is celebrated in the first day of the Tamil month THAI. It is also a biggest festival for Tamil people. Its intension is to thank the god SURYA (SUN) and creatures and materials (tools) that helped human for his cultivation in a whole year. People consecrate their first grain to the god SURYA (SUN) .Pongal means “boiling over”. When the milk is boiling over people shouted “Pongola pongal” .At this time they add new harvested rice in the pot. Seeing the Boiling over of milk in a clay pot is trusted by giving good luck and prosperity. People put some kolams in their door steps and dedicate newly cooked rice, sugar cane, sweets, vadai, sweetened rice, milk and harvested vegetables to the god SURYA.Here we draw a simple kolam in our doorstep. My elder daughter was very interested to color it using color powders.But my younger daughter is very interested in wiping that kolam.What a naughty baby is she!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Like all my creations in sewing category ,this is also one of  my favourite dresses.Here i used two same type of fabrics in contrast colors,blue and mango color.cut them as stripes and join them.So we can get so many partitions.Here i join them alternatively.Embroidered small flowers scattered in its skirt portion.Pleats are used here in its skirt portion.

In its yoke portion i did a small applique work and embroidery had been done around it. In its neck and sleeve side i did both machine and hand embroideries.

Closer shot of that applique work is.............................

In its centre i stitched a small flower and a kundhan stone was glued in its centre.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

yellow rose

These flowers are the new arrivals in my small garden.Their bright color refreshes the happiness of everyone who see them.

closer view of these flowers is..............................