Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hai this is my first project in sewing.I have gone tailoring class 2 years before.But now only i got a chance to buy sewing machine.As a beginner i stitched this kurti and salwar with some fear and tension. kurti comeout well.But something is missing in my salwar.Its o.k.As a beginner i am very happy to sew this.These photos are not much clear.

kurti is...............................

when nithyashree wear this...............................


Hai this in my new screen printing done in my daughter's kurti.I have chosen the traditional pattern,PEACOCK.This gives a traditional look.Two peacocks facing each other is so beautiful comparing with the single peacock.

closer view of the peacock pattern

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

textile printing

Hai yesterday my dd has done this screen   printing.yesterday i did screen printing for her .After that she said " I want to do screen printing. ".I said " baby,this work need lot of pressure in next time u will do it. ".But she said " No mummy.I will try".Immediately she sat  on the floor and ready  to print in a rough white cloth.If we chose dark colo cloth,the print would be more bright than this. I posted here her printing photos.

 closer view of her printing is here.

The printed material is this.

The pattern we used is here.


Hai everybody,this shiny flower is a kundan flower.Thilak shape kundan stones r used to form petals and  round kundan stone is used as the inner part having pollans.In night this flower shines brightly.This flower gives a royal look comparing with other artificial flowers.

In white background.

This is its closer view

stocking flower-anthurium

Hai this is my new project under the segment artificial flowers.This flower  is made by a nylon cloth that is called as a stocking cloth.Here i have used cotton for making pollans.

Friday, September 24, 2010

glass painting

Hai this is our new project,glass painting.There is only one differnce in this painting.Except this all  paintings r made by me.But this is done by my little cute NITHYASHREE.She has a  lot of interest in crafting,painting.After returning home ( from school ) she goes to the bed.This is a regular habbit.As a mother I wanted to change that habbit.So I taught her this painting after her arrival.Under my guidance she did it very well.Now she reduces her sleep in the evening time.


Now she is started her painting in a glass like stencil.

Involvement in painting is reflecting in her eyes.

Another 11 month little cute NIVETHA is ready for painting.

NIVETHA is immitating her sister.

But nivetha wasted all her paints.Nithyashree said " I must finish these painting with glass colors."She took this as a challenge.
started using glass colors.


Art of nithya

Hai this is my daughter's art from  match sticks.I couldn't take photographs while doing this art.This art is done in a black chartpaper.
Here she made fishes using match sticks.

1. First draw required background designs.
2. Then color them using crayons.
3. Then stick match sticks for getting desired shapes,etc
4. For neat finishing use sketch pens,3D outliners,etc.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

macrame bag

Hai this is my new macrame bag done by me.It is an easy craft comparing with other crafts.My mom helped me to finish this bag.

Floral tube flowers

Hai these flowers are made by using floral tubes.It is available in different colors in market.I choose orange,pink and violet.Because of reflection of the light this pic didn't come well.

Artificial trees

Hai this artificial tree is done by using artificial leaves,flowers and kundans. I made it  3 years ago.

Actually this is my first one made before 3 years ago.

solawood flowers

Hai these r my artificial flowers done by using solawood.Its vase is also made by using icecream stick.

Dry stroke is given for shadings in flowers and leaves.

Its closure view.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Macrame plant hanger 2

Hai this is my second plant hanger made in  macrame cord.It hangs proudly in my home.Its speciality is its upper portion.It contains 3 leaves.2 in one row And 1 in the second row.contrast color wooden beads r used to embellish it.Its length is near 6".

Its closure view.

plant hanger without flower.

its upper part is.

Its middle portion  contains triple leaves.

Its middle portion.

Its cradle section.

It contains a different  cute lower portion .It looks like a tube.I added wooden beads in its ending portion.

Monday, September 13, 2010

embroided blouse

Hai this is my first embroidery done in my blouse bit.Here i did 5 stitches and decorate it with stones.
Closure view of its back portion is the following pic.

This is its sleeve side.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yellow Rose

Hai this is my new post in my garden.After a long time i bought 3 roseplants.This one is yellow.Yesterday morning it starts to bloom.I forgot to take photographs.Today morning i saw it bloomed fully. I love its pleasant color.

When sun showered its rays over it......................................