Friday, December 31, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This is my trial piece..........................Why?..............Yes.The out liner used here is not a white glass out liner.It is just fevicol.Is it true?Would you trust it?...................You must trust it.
Here the out liner is the mixture of fevicol and white fabric acrylic color.I don't know is this a correct procedure.But it is a different one to use.mixing should be done as soon as possible.Refrigerate it immediately and use whenever you want.I am so happy since i haven't hear about this method till now.
We should apply carefully because of its consistency.

This painting is done in the base of tile.So is called as a tile painting.Here i used glass colors.Now a wasted tile turn out a beautiful tile painting. I like this painting very much.

Closer view of its top portion is.....................

Closer view of its lower portion is.....................

Friday, December 24, 2010


Here a plain cord board turn out a beautiful wreath.My daughter wanted to do this.For her  I made this wreath.


cord board
white cement
Fabric paint or enamel paint
plastic balls
news paper
ceramic powder
beads and crystals
pista shell
tumbler( use and throw)
satin ribbon


This is the base for this wreath,cord board.I cut it in a round shape.

Next apply white gum on the whole.Crush news paper and stick it in that round with the help of white gum and keep aside to dry.

Then apply mixture of white cement and white gum on the whole and let it to dry.If you want any details  do  it here before it dry.

Then apply any paint fabric paint or enamel paint and spread glitters before the paint dry.Leave it to dry.

Then decorate it as our wish.


Here i made small leaves and fruits using the mixture of ceramic powder and white gum.
Then apply fabric paint in double shade to give a real effect.


Here i used pista shells to make pine cones.Just stick them and apply glitters with the help of white gum.


Here i used plastic balls for decorating this wreath.Here i apply fabric color on the balls.For embellishment i used beads and crystals.dots are given by a small round brush.

Here i used use and throw tumbler for making bells.beads and 3d out liner are used to decorate this.

 for hiding threads i used satin ribbon and stone in its certre.


Thursday, December 16, 2010


This adorable swan is ready to swim .I like this very much.It is one of my favourite things in which i made.

I have made it using 3D triangles .Its procedure is posted in my previous post. Nearly 500 triangles are required to finish this swan.First we should know how to make these following things 
1.       body
2.       wings-2
3.       Tail
4.       Head
5.       Base for swan to stand.
Chat paper
Required Triangles:
 Stage 1-30 triangles
Stage 2-30 triangles
Stage 3-30 triangles
Stage 4-30 triangles
Stage 5-30 triangles
Stage 6-30 triangles
Wing 1
        Stage 1-12 triangles
        Stage 2-11 triangles
        Stage 3-10 triangles
        Stage 4-9 triangles
        Stage 5-8 triangles
        Stage 6-7 triangles
        Stage 7-6 triangles
        Stage 8-5 triangles
        Stage9-4 triangles
        Stage10-3 triangles
        Stage11-2 triangles
        Stage12-1 triangle
wing 2
as the Same for wing1
        Stage 1-3 triangles
        Stage2-4 triangles
        Stage3-3 triangles
        Stage4-2 triangles
        Stage5- 1triangle
Neck and Head:
30 triangles
       BASE 1-40 triangles
       BASE 2 – 55 triangles

Stage 1 and Stage 2:

A triangle has 2 parts.One is leg or tail and the other one is pocket.It has 2 tails and two  pockets.first we take 2 triangles.then take one more triangle and insert its pockets  into the two legs of these 2 triangles.Here we must insert into the  closesest legs in both of them.See next u can clear........

do the same for all  60 triangles.Now we can see two layer here.

Stage 3
similarly add 30 triangles turn it upside down.....

Stage 4
next add 30 triangles here .

Stage 5
similarly add 30 triangles here

Stage 6
do the same procedure here also.

Now body part is wings................

Stage 1
here we add 12 triangles in the same manner.
Stage 2
add 11 triangles
Stage 3
 add 10 triangles
Stage 4
add 9 triangles
Stage 5
add 8 triangles
Stage 6
add 7 triangles
Stage 7
add 6 triangles
Stage 8
add 5 triangles
add 4 triangles
add 3 triangles
add 2 triangles
add 1 triangle
then its wing part will be.....................

do the same in its opposite side also.then we get two wings of our swan.....

 now wing part is tail...........
Stage 1
add 3 triangles between the two wings.
then add 4 triangles
next add 3 triangles
add 2 triangles
next add 1 triangle
then its tail part will be.....................

 Now tail is over.Next neck...........
Neck and Head:
take 30 triangles and insert them one by one as in the fig......this gives a neck part.

remove 2 triangles in the  opposite side of  thetail.then attach this it will be................

BASE 1-40 triangles

BASE 2 – 55 triangles

then place both of them like this............

now place our swan on the stand.......

something missing here is the eye part.using red and black marker i draw eye in a white chart and stick it.
now the swan is swim

Friday, December 10, 2010


This paper craft is an origami craft which means craft done by folding paper in Japanese language. Here a simple paper turn into beautiful shapes,flowers,birds ,animals etc……….. In my college days I learnt this craft .Now only I have got a chance to recall it for my lovely kids. It is very interesting to do. Children love this craft.
Chat paper
Take a 3”x1’’size rectangle paper.

Then fold it in half ( lengthwise ).see fig.

We can see the crease in center clearly.Then hold it in our hands as in the picture

Fold it as in the pictures.

Now turn it.

Do the following steps one by one

Now we get a triangle in 3D effect.

 It will be used for my next project.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hi this beautiful rose is a new arrival in my small garden.These shots are taken in yesterday rainy morning .we can see those rain drops on the leaves and flowers.

closer shot of the bud is here..It is still waiting for the sun to bloom.

Unfortunately,yesterday one naughty little crow came here and damaged that flower.I think that crow was impressed by the eye catching color of this flower.

I have to take further steps to protect those flowers from birds.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This box is a pencil holder. This is a very easy and interesting project for kids. Under Parent’s guidance they do this project very easily.

 I here posted its procedure as a mini tutorial.
1.       Ice cream stick
2.       White gum
1.Place two ice cream sticks vertically in a small distance as in the picture.

2.Then leave 1 inch in their two ends and apply white gum.

3.Next stick two sticks horizontally as in the pictures.

4.Apply white gum as in the picture.

5.Stick two sticks vertically as in the picture. They should be on the line of the sticks which we stick earlier.

6.Apply white gum as in the picture in step 4. Then stick two ice cream sticks horizontally. . They should be on the line of the sticks which we stick earlier.
Do the same as in the previous steps. Stick these sticks till we get a desired height.

Then for its bottom portion stick required ice cream sticks as in this picture. 

Now our box is ready to use.Its side view is……………………..

Its top view is……………………………..

If you want to decorate this stick stones, artificial flowers and etc.we also use this as a spoon holder, knife holder and etc.